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Dr. Taghreed M. Al-Saraj

British Council
Educational and Entrepreneurship Consultant
Dr. Taghreed Alsaraj is a Saudi education and entrepreneurship consultant with vast international experience within the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Japan educational system. She is now back working in Saudi Arabia after she was in UC Berkeley, University of London, and University of Miami in Florida to name a few, not to mention France and Pakistan where she lived with her parents when her father was a diplomat. She is currently a consultant in a program called Nine Tenth which is a national program funded by the Saudi Human Development Fund to help Saudi’s become successful entrepreneurs and achieve the Saudi 2030 vision.

Dr. Alsaraj is a director on the board of the University of Miami Alumni association as well as being a Deputy Chairman on MADAC Academy in Madinah, Saudi Arabia which is under the patronage of Prince Faisal Bin Salman the governor of Madinah.

You can read some of her articles in the “Arab News” newspaper as well as her being a best-selling author, an international public speaker, and a certified female leadership coach with a passion for entrepreneurship.